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TEAM of PROGRAMMERSOur company is a leading company in the field of trading via robots, because we have found after many experiences that this field has more than one successful algorithm. we have more than 20 programmers from all over the world and they all have Not less than 5 years experience in programming MetaTrader also in all other programming languages, which helps us to program any idea or add any amendment that we put forward by our analysis team, which consists of senior experts in the field of currency trading whose experience is not less than 10 years in the financial markets.

AI Trading EAThis is not Our only project, we have the number of successful projects in the capital markets for giant central companies, but this project we found is suitable for any trader, whether your investment is small or large, this expert may suit you because it trades according to the value of your account with algorithms that may be the best in the level of the programming field, not according to but In the field of financial markets as a whole.


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